2022 NCEA Practice Exams

Our practice exams are available from the 15th of July.

We offer our L1 91027 MCAT for free to all NZ schools.

Email us today to request an electronic copy.

2022 samples

LEVEL 1 Mathematics and Statistics

LEVEL 2 Mathematics and Statistics

LEVEL 3 Calculus

LEVEL 3 Statistics

2022 Year 9 & 10 Mathematics

 End-of-year Exams

Available on the 1st of September 2022

Please note that:

● all our exam questions are original and adhere to the syllabus set by NZQA

● we provide questions with their full solutions

● we only make sales to schools

● 2022 practice exams are released on the 15th of July.


$100 per each set of NCEA exams (L1/L2/L3)

$100 per each version of Year 9/10 exams


We email MS Word copies to your school.

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We offer our old exams at a discounted price.


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