About Us

Our aim:

Elite Maths strives to provide high-quality, curriculum-adjacent assessments that assist school teachers in helping their students maximise their potential. As we wish to cater to all schools, please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions or individual requirements.

Our services:

Elite Maths releases both Topic Tests and end-of-year exams for a range of subjects. Our mathematics assessments utilise the software MathType and LaTeX in order to produce high-resolution diagrams and equations. All papers are written and reviewed by experienced individuals who study in the relevant field.

We currently provide assessments for the following subject areas:

• Year 7 – 10 Mathematics topic tests and end-of-year exams (Australia and New Zealand)

• Year 7 – 10 English topic tests and end-of-year exams (Australia)

Year 7 – 10 Science topic tests and end-of-year exams (Australia)

• Year 7 – 10 Humanities topic tests and end-of-year exams (Australia)

VCE Trial Exams for all 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 Mathematics studies (Victoria)

NECA Level 1-3 Mathematics and Statistics (New Zealand)

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